Seakayaking- continuation course in Roslagens archipelago with Kajak och Uteliv

Adresse: Gräddö brygga , 76015 Gräddö Karte anzeigen

Adresse: Gräddö brygga , 76015 Gräddö

The courses is intended for people who have started with kayaking but want to learn more in a short time. In a safe and secure environment, we give you the knowledge that will allow you to paddle and enjoy our beautiful inner and outer archipelago.

Continuation course 1 - Forward Paddling:

Forward paddling technique is something we sometimes forget when we practice the perfect role ,high brace or the most effective sweep time. What we forget is that it is the technique we spend almost all our time on when we are out and paddling! The course puts most focus on just forward paddling , we will be practicing trunk rotation and getting an efficient and functional technique. In the afternoon we practice several stering stroke and self-rescue exercises.
Course elements : Efficient forward paddling , paddling backward , stop, lateral movement, low brace, paddlefloat rescue and buddy rescue.

Continuation course 2 - Technique

Have you been out on a few trips, begin to feel comfortable sitting in a kayak but would like to get a little better at maneuvering your kayak. What is the most effective way to get turned your kayak ? Do you now how to get support when a large wave breaks against your kayak ? In continuation course 2 the focus is mainly on improving various forms of maneuvering and support technique. We don´t paddle a great distance, but we focus more on the concept of " practice, practice , practice ... " At the end of the day we will also focus on some different rescue exercises.
Course elements : Efficient forward paddling, stern rudder, paddle in a figure of 8, paddling in a figure of 8 backwards, bow rudder, high brace, edging, paddlefloat rescue.

Continuation course 3 - Safety

Have you ever thought about what happens if someone collapses in the group you paddle with ? What if someone is injured or becomes so tired that it is not able to paddle all the way back ? Continuation course 3 is the course that focuses on safety when we are out and paddle . What dangers do we have out there and how do we avoid them in the best way . We focus on things like the right preparation , towing and buddy rescue and self-rescue . This is a wet course and several changes of clothes may be needed. Course elements : Theory and discussion on how we can reduce the risks of paddling , towing , edging the kayak , high brace , various types of rescues ( buddyrescue , paddlefloatrescue, role) .

Continuation course 1: 17th of June, 10th and 18th of July, 13th and 21th of August
Continuation course 2 : 26th of June, 17th of July, 7th, 14th and 26th August
Continuation course 3 : 3rd and 24th of July and 3rd of September
Other dates may be relevant if you are more than 4 people.

Other dates may be relevant if you are more than 4 people.

Course include:
Kayak with right equipment, PFD, wet-suit, map, instructor, course certificate.

Own equipment:
Outdoor clothes (not jeans or cotton clothes), long johns and and a long sleved top t.ex. craft, wet-weather clothes, swimsuit, towel, watersafe footwear, sunscreen, sunhat, sunglasses, waterbottle, something warm to drink, lunch, snack. change of clothes, because you will get wet during this course.

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